Did You Know?

Several national brands who advertise that their skin care products
contain Aloe Vera as one of their major ingredients were put to a test

The interesting coincidence was that at the same time as I was cleaning
and preparing to blend a quantity of Aloe Vera leafs I had just
freshly harvested, the Virginia public radio station I had on for company
began broadcasting that this product query had been conducted.

The even more surprising conclusion to the study is that little or no Aloe
Vera was detected in some of those well-known national brands. They went
on to say that a common powdered substitute for Aloe Vera is often used in
products claiming to contain Aloe Vera, therefore allowing companies to
gain significant cost savings. They went on to suggest this might have been a
reason why their instruments were unable to detect or recognize Aloe Vera
in the products.

Rest assured all of our Forces In Nature products, listing the amazing
Aloe Vera plant as an ingredient, present you with the whole Aloe Vera
Leaf freshly cleaned and blended at the time of processing.
We guarantee that no Aloe Vera powder, Aloe Vera substitutes or
reconstituted Aloe Vera is used in the Forces In Nature, LLC. line of

Stay well, Ryphon

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