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  1. Christine Walton says:

    Hi Ryphon – I just wanted to let you know of some of the experiences I am having with your products. I am 66 years of age, and have been having some challenges with my hair being dry and frizzy looking. I call it my Einstein look! However, since I have started giving a few sprays of your Pure Simplicity facial moisturizer in my hair after showering, I am noticing it is looking much more youthful and manageable. Plus, one of my clients commented that I was looking younger after I started using the Pure Simplicity on my face! I am sorry to see that product is not shown on this website. I know you sell it at the farmers’ market, and am hoping it will also become available at Whole Foods, along with your other products which they already carry.

    Upon starting to have a severe ant problem, I started using your Slick Soap to deter them from entering the house. Being in a hurry, I did not dilute the Slick Soap as you had instructed me, but simply squirted some full strength along the kitchen floor where there is a long crack next to the wall through which the ants had been entering. The ants disappeared! But even better, when I later went to wipe up the excess Slick Soap I was amazed to see how clean it was making my very old and seemingly discolored tile floor! I am now so excited to see my old kitchen floor actually sparkle!!

    Thank you so much, Ryphon, for your uniquely effective products!

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