The Importance of Observation

  • One of the most exciting aspects of using our Aloe Vera Cordials and Slick Soap lies in taking the opportunity (man or women) to reintroduce you to yourself. That may sound strange, but please just try this!
  • Take a few moments to look deep into your face preferably with a magnifying mirror. Perform a thorough unattached inventory of what is presently happening with your skin ie. blemishes, scars, wrinkles etc.! Specifically in the facial area, however include the whole body!
  • Then start using the Puree or Cream of Aloe Vera on the entire face and any other areas you wish to see a change. After each session; you determine the length. Take an extra minute after drying, you will not miss it, to deeply look to see how those previously observed anomalies and your general skin condition is now!
  • I and others have found a surprising satisfaction by being reconnected to the history that lives with us on the surface of our skin, let alone having the pleasure of observing refreshing positive changes (reversals) taking place! Please reestablish this connection and allow it to become a constant habit over time! There is more there than meets the eye!

Come back

  • Try stepping into another direction, consider a path encompassing the less traveled. Simplicity and performance can occupy the same space?


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