Hi Ryphon – I just wanted to let you know of some of the experiences I am having with your products. I am 66 years of age, and have been having some challenges with my hair being dry and frizzy looking. I call it my Einstein look! However, since I have started giving a few sprays of your Pure Simplicity facial moisturizer in my hair after showering, I am noticing it is looking much more youthful and manageable. Plus, one of my clients commented that I was looking younger after I started using the Pure Simplicity on my face! I am sorry to see that product is not shown on this website. I know you sell it at the farmers’ market, and am hoping it will also become available at Whole Foods, along with your other products which they already carry.

Upon starting to have a severe ant problem, I started using your Slick Soap to deter them from entering the house. Being in a hurry, I did not dilute the Slick Soap as you had instructed me, but simply squirted some full strength along the kitchen floor where there is a long crack next to the wall through which the ants had been entering. The ants disappeared! But even better, when I later went to wipe up the excess Slick Soap I was amazed to see how clean it was making my very old and seemingly discolored tile floor! I am now so excited to see my old kitchen floor actually sparkle!!

Thank you so much, Ryphon, for your uniquely effective products!

~Christine Walton


Good afternoon Mr. Ryphon,

About a week ago I purchased your puree of Aloe Vera Lotion with Glycerin at Whole Food. Varicose veins in my legs were hurting badly on and off. I followed your advice and used your lotion on the bad spots. The pain is gone!!!!
I stopped by Whole Food today to thank you – but will come again and buy the lotion as a gift for others.

Kirsten Borden


I have been a user of Ryphon’s products for many years and appreciate the healing and itch relief that comes from their application to insect stings, bites, and other skin irritants. I have been a vendor at a Farmer’s market along with Ryphon for the last several years and have often heard him make the claim that his product repells ticks when used prophylactically. In the Spring of 2017 I decided to test this claim for my self.

Every Spring I usually go on day long deep woods forays in search of morel mushrooms during tick season and almost always end up with a couple of tick bites after my return. I did two such hikes in April of 2017. Before each hike I rubbed some of Ryphon’s lotion on my neck, wrists, and ankles. I can report that I did not find a single tick on my skin during these outings. I did see several ticks on my clothing and backpack (so it is not that there were just no ticks) but none crawled onto my skin. I’ve been doing this Spring ritual for the last 40 years (every Spring with a morel season) and this is the only Spring I can remember that I did not get at least one tick bite.

~Lewis Miller


I would highly recommend your “Pureed Aloe” to anyone who asks.  I have had Psoriasis on both of my hands for 7 to 8 years. My palms were covered with very dry cracked skin — at times open and bleeding and very painful when washing.  During this time, I went to three different Dermatologist and tried several different prescription medications.  None were effective.  During these years I also tried numerous over the counter creams, lotions, and soaps. Some did help, but none cleared up the problem. My children were always on the look out for something to help me. Then my daughter met you and introduced me to you at Forest Lakes.  I started using your “Cream of Aloe Vera” in mid- September and in less than 6 weeks my hands are completely “cleared”. I now use the cream once or twice a week to maintain them in prefect condition. Please feel free to use my experience and name in any way that will help others!

~Ken Gerlach

P.S: My son is a Veterinarian in Norfolk, Va  This product may have applications in his field also. I’m sending a copy of this email to him also.

A few weeks ago after doing quite a bit of gardening I noticed numerous red welts on my arms and legs that were unbearably itchy.  Much to my dismay I realized they were from chiggers.  After nearly a week of trying different remedies, I was introduced to the Forces In Nature Cordials and the slick soap. I was told help was near after a few applications.  I am very happy to report that after just one application not only did the redness and swelling go down but most all of the itching stopped.  This was just amazing as I had tried other products and nothing was working.   I have also used the General Purpose Slick Soap product for other purposes and have had very good results as well.  I have used the Slick Soap to ward away wasps, remove moths from the food cupboard, cleanse mold from the eves by the gutters, and for taking stains out of my rugs.  He has created a very versatile product and I certainly recommend it.

~Margaretta McIlvaine

I LOVE the results I’m getting from the Cream of Aloe Vera. I’m still using the original jar I purchased. This cream is amazing! I had a 12 inch diagonal surgical scar that stretched from my solar plexus to my right hip. I had this scar for twenty seven years. It was quite disfiguring to put it mildly. I decided to use the cream of aloe Vera and the results are amazing.

The scar is nearly gone along a 5 inch area and the skin that was pulled out of place is not causing the discomfort that I would sometimes experience. I will of course continue to use this. The remaining portion to be healed is a scar that is raised and about 6 inches long.

Another wonderful result is the skin on my face looks better, more color in my complexion which always was sallow unless I applied foundation and blush. I no longer am using foundation as I’m satisfied with how my face looks naturally. Recently I was in the car with my husband in bright Florida sunshine and He says “your face is looking less wrinkled and more firm”. At age 67 that was nice to hear especially from a man who usually doesn’t compliment folks on their looks.

~Belle Newheart

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I am a very satisfied customer and user of the Cream of Aloe Vera product that you make. About 2 years very visible and unsightly “spider veins” began to appear on my face. A dermotologist told me that the only treatment was with lasers – a costly, painful, and potentially scarring treatment that promised at best short-term results lasting maybe a year. I began to research alternative treatments, and began to use several different products, such as Horse Chestnut Cream and Vitamin K cream. Your Cream of Aloe Vera works at least as well in greatly reducing the appearance of the spider veins, while costing much less and leaving my skin feeling and looking smooth and refreshed. Thank you for making such a great product, and feel free to use me to endorse this product.

A very satisfied customer,
~Dan Ruppert

I have been looking for a rejuvenating skin product for several years – and this Cream of Aloe Vera is it! I also have found theFunky Stuff bar shampoo to be moisturizing for my hair and I use it most every day. These Slick Soap products are a major offering for self care!”

~Airisun Wonderli

Physician, heal thyself is an adage which applies to us all. In science, religion and life answers are revealed so often with intention and the desire to find solutions or remedy a prevailing situation.

I was confronted with a Seborrhea or eczema like skin condition that no one could get under control. Over these last 15 years of the condition I had sought out a few dermatologists with inconclusive results. Recently I went to another dermatologist for my worsening condition and again consented to take a biopsy to rule out Lupus.

With Lupus ruled out and more inconclusive conclusions as to what the condition really was I decided to leave the steroid prescription at the pharmacy. Coincidently if there is such a thing, I had just finished the long preparatory process of creating my new “Slick Soap”. I opted instead to see what it could do. Actually I focused on using my unique “Cream of Aloe Vera” Cordial formula. Almost immediately I noticed a change. After two weeks the pealing and scaly patches were seriously reduced.

Before I developed this condition my face had always been very oily with a long history of white and pitted blackheads. This year the scaly skin eruptions had worsened and gotten onto my right upper and lower eye lids, scaring the skin in such a way that the hardened skin would often cause the upper lid to droop as you sometimes see in stoke victims.  A situation that was rather stressful to me and having just turned 61 years of age I felt strongly that that was the wrong direction to be traveling.

So I started my regiment by looking in the magnifying mirror each morning as I applied the Cream of Aloe Vera Cordial directly to the skin without water similar to a mask, with special attention to any dry pealing patches. I would leave the cream on as long as I could.

I felt strongly that combining an Aloe Vera puree with my Soy Glycerin soap concentrate would create an extraordinary synergetic substance. I had always felt a strong connection with the Aloe Vera plant knowing its apex ability to reduce inflammations, etc. so for twenty or more years I have grown Aloe Vera plants in my apartments wherever I lived. I recently researched in more depth the historic and current findings of this amazing plant which I shared on the first page.

Glycerin, my major ingredient was produced by the transesterification process which separated the molecule from fresh oil crushed from Soybeans as I processed the oil into Biodiesel fuel. Then I mixed other natural ingredients with the drawn off glycerin to create a rejuvenating and moisturizing concentrated cleansing soap!

Before my eyes my face was being renewed with healthy tissue reversing my strange combination of oiliness and dry scaly patches which had spread over and just under almost the entire facial surface. The acne and accompanying puffy swelling was vanishing also. To my amazement elasticity was returning to my skin. Now, only such a relatively short time after I had brought attention to my distress over the drooping of my eye lid to the Dermatologist and being told that she did not now of anything that could be done! I started to see the scar tissue on my eye lid begin to soften, allowing folds in the skin again which enabled the lid to retract into its eye socket with ease!

Now as I look into the mirror I know, that I am joining that rare group of individuals that have opened to the possibilities and were led to their answers!”

Stay Well, Ryphon G. Gray

“This is from your most rushed person you have ever met, and I just wanted to tell you that I used the puree this evening and it had an immediate effect on my face – a wonderful calming and soothing sensation, and one could tell right away how much it was sinking into the skin immediately and healing it, wonderful, wonderful material, thank you.”

~Charlotte Von Lilienfeld

“I use only premium skin care products especially designed for the body! I find the Cream of Aloe Vera to be a superior product for me. Slick Soap has changed my approach to what skin care is”!

~Pamela Humphrey,  Mosley

**These products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.


13 Responses to Testimonials

  1. partiba jalali says:

    A few months ago I went to whole food to bay a new lotion for my dermatitis hoping maybe I can find something to help me. I had dermatitis over 4 years. The medications (steroid and no steroid)) didn’t help me. At whole food I met a gentleman who was introducing his products. He recommended puree of aloe vera lotion with glycerin. I thought I am going to try it and God thanks. My dermatitis was located on my shoulders and my legs get better in 3 days by end of week gone. Now I just use it when I feel my dermatitis are coming back. I had problem with my heels almost all my life, they were dry and had crack well I use my lotion on my heels less than 2 weeks my heels like a baby feet. My English is not good but I tried to write my experience with this amazing lotion. I recommend this product to everyone with dermatitis.
    Sincerely Partiba Jalali

  2. Tim Riley says:

    I recently had a tick bite and as in the past I would suffer for days and sometimes weeks with swelling and itching that would drive me nuts. My daughter introduced me to Forces in Nature Repel Insect & Soothe and in 1 day of use the swelling and the itching were starting to subside and in 3 days the itching completely stopped and swelling almost gone. I can’t say enough good things about this product and I believe anyone living in this area that is exposed to ticks and their nasty bites shouldn’t be without this product.

  3. Molly Gressett says:

    What an amazing find! “Repel Insects and Soothe” actually soothes bug bites IMMEDIATELY! It works far more quickly and thoroughly than anything else we have found (aahhhh…) And it takes almost all of the ugly redness away overnight.

    Last year, my husband got stung by a swarm of yellow jackets when he unexpectedly dug into their home with his tractor. He generally distrusts “natural” stuff, but even he was happy with this product… (and he was happy with it again this month after coming home with a couple dozen no seeum bites.)

    So far, our large family has used this successfully on lots of chigger, mosquito, no see-um, and tick bites. And thankfully, a drop or two of this product goes a long way, making it wonderfully affordable even on our tight budget. Great stuff! Thank you!

  4. Rosalyn says:

    When we met at Whole Foods abut a year ago you convinced me to try Slick Soap. Wow. Now I am addicted so please keep making it. I use it for everything. Last winter I got stink bug stinky all over my hands and it wouldn’t come off, not until I washed with slick soap. Same with the pine sap from the Christmas tree. That was a sticky mess until I used Slick Soap. Today I went for my regular lap swim and decided to wash my hair with it instead of using Bronner’s. The chlorine is totally out and not only that, my otherwise tangled twists came out easily with the comb– usually it takes a lot of pulling and breaking to completely comb out my hair, with gobs of hair left in the comb. Not this time, it was smooth and easy. So, thank you for your creative chemistry. I plan to keep on using it!

  5. Slick Soap is a wonder and a gift. I have been struggling with a violent scalp itch for the past few years and have tried an endless stream of products. Finally I have found relief with Slick Soap and I swear my hair is growing back, looking and feeling much thicker. Probably because I’m not digging all the time. I am looking forward to trying the Serious Soap, too. After all why stop at one miracle when you can have two.
    Please, Ryphon, don’t stop production. BTW your music is wonderful, too.

  6. Muffin Barnes says:

    I think, the aloe liquid is wonderful– I have used it on age spots and they have disappeared after a month of twice a day applications. It heals up pimples as well as small cuts. Aloe/glycerin liquid, Great stuff.

  7. Kat Easterly says:

    Just wanted to say thank you – We buy your products at the Crozet Farmers Market. I have been using the Aloe Vera Puree for 6 weeks now on my keratosis on my arms and legs. I have been to the dermatologist several times over the past few years looking for help. I have used expensive creams and the Blue Light Treatment three times. Nothing has helped until I started using the Aloe Vera Puree and also switched to Cetaphil for soap. I am starting with the Slick Soap today to replace the Cetaphil. I have heard wonderful things about it. Again, thank you!

  8. Mary Washington says:

    PURE SIMPLICITY absolutely amazed me at the first mist. My face immediately felt smoother, silk-like, and NOT weighty on my skin at all. No clogging (which happens with many products on my skin) During its trial (guinea pig me) throughout this summer, I only used this for moisturizing, sunscreen, and insect repellent – just to see what would happen. I actually noticed within a few weeks fading of some blemishes and lines. No mosquito bites in North Carolina visits – where mosquitoes and “no see ’ems love me); no discomfort in the sun, and great facial foundation. Out of curiosity, I thought I would experiment and mist my hair – I had excellent detangling and hold. I sincerely recommend this new product to anyone seeking superb skin and hair care. I have used all Forces in Nature products since its beginning and highly recommend all of its products. You will be more than pleased with its results.

  9. Micaela Nageotte says:

    Like many women, I have spent much of my life exploring various options for skin and hair care. Never before had I found something as effective and easy to use as the Forces in Nature products. Simply put, the Slick Soap General Purpose as hair conditioner coupled with leave-in applications of the Pure Simplicity Skin and Hair Nectar have given me the best look and feel to my hair I have ever experienced. The Slick Soap gives a wonderful cleansing sensation to my scalp that moisturizes rather then dries, and I have suffered from itchy scalp when using other products – Not so with Forces in Nature. After I get out of the shower, there is a natural detangling effect from the soap as well. After my hair is dry I spray a bit of the Pure Simplicity and brush it through and get a wonderful shine and bounce to my hair. In one move my styling regiment is complete!

    Likewise, the Slick Soap does wonderful things to my skin that is: moisturize, heal, rejuvenate, cleanse, and protect. I get a serious “head change” from washing my whole body with it, because of it’s anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti microbial properties coupled with a noticeable reduction of inflammation and dryness… I just feel entirely refreshed and actually clear headed after washing with it, like I can breathe. That is a truly clean feeling. I have noticed a similar effect when cleaning the surfaces of my house with it. The energy is improved greatly.

    Finally, the use of the Cream and Puree of Aloe Vera, and the Pure Simplicity for my face, have been revolutionary in my approach and applicaiton of skin care. I have some unsightly scars from my youth such as cigarette burns and scars from self-mutilation and nervous scratching that I am loathe to speak of or give much attention to out of embarassment. It is painful to remember such things and difficult not to when they are emblazoned in your flesh. As well as this, constant picking of my skin because of ingrown hairs or barely perceivable pimples and the like has been a nervous habit of mine most of my life, including my face and arms, most prominently.

    My scars have noticably faded or vanished, depending on severity and returned to a smooth skin feel on the roughest of them. I literally feel like the products have helped me to become a new me. I feel like when I use the products on my scars I am giving love to that part of me that was once wounded and I am happy that I can positively interact with my body and my self in a healing way. My body feels happier when I use the products, for sure. Also, instead of scratching or picking myself, I can always use the product instead and I don’t feel like scratching as much after I have used it. In this way it is a perfect switch from damaging behavior to positive relationship with my body and mind. Using the pure simplicity on my face heals and treats any blemishes before then can even surface so that every time I look at myself I don’t even see flaws, instead I just think wow I look great! My skin looks really good today… etc. The health benefits of getting intimately involved with your skin are endless and the Forces in Nature products have shown me that.

    In addition to my personal use, I have had much fun having bug bite treatment sessions with my daughter during the summer months. The itch stopping abilities of the Puree and Cream of Aloe Vera are unbeatable! And I have occassionally used them on my dog as well to treat a wound or some itch spots he had from fleas, from which he gained some relief as well.

    I tend to feel like I can go on and on about the products, I love them and I love having them in my life. I am very greatful to Ryphon and to the Forces that be for creating such a helpful and healing tool for humans. Thank you.

  10. Tim Breedlove says:

    I have been using the Puree of Aloe Vera for small patches of eczema on my hands. It really works much better than anything else I’ve ever used. I’m ordering more!

  11. Airisun Wonderli says:

    This is 2016 now, and I have discovered another great use for one of these products: the latest Pure Simplicity. I have had cracked feet, and a fungus on one toe for years. By applying this product even once a night after bathing, then putting on socks, I can say that my feet are smoother and softer than I can ever remember. Also the toe looks better and clearer than it has in years, and I had tried other products. I would say it is 80% better and I expect it to heal completely.
    This product is also great for under the eyes at night, and for lips. It is amazing what simple natural products can do!

  12. Kyle Crissey says:

    I was attacked by hornets and sustained several stings to the face. After a few applications with the Puree of Aloe Vera with Glycerin I was eased and the swelling went down. Truly miraculous!

  13. Sue Weiss says:

    “I was in a car accident 2 months ago and my right hand was burned by the explosion of the air bag. It was a second degree burn, it was over a large part of the top of my hand and was very painful. I used the Pure Simplicity on the burn and it healed beautifully. It went from red, painful, itching to healing within a very short period of time. I will continue to use this product and strongly endorse it!”

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