Ingredient Info

What you should know:

  • We use freshly harvested whole Aloe Vera Leafs as we begin preparing our products.
  • Our products are excellent for Sensitive skin by preventing skin dryness through their moisturizing properties!
  • Natural oils (the blush) are noticeably reestablished in about 20 minutes after rinsing; within this time the powerful hygroscopic property of the treatment has been allowed to set. The Slick Soap serves as an emollient, humectant, solvent and lubricant.
  • Seemingly the Lignin an inert substance with its penetrative effect allows the cordials* ingredients to be absorbed into the skin. The sugars (gluco-mannans) and Bradykinase aid in reducing excessive inflammation and pain, while others help digest dead tissues in wounds. Aloe Vera’s Aloin and Emodin, also act as painkillers. They also function as anti-bacterials and anti-virals. Saponins about 3% of the Aloe Vera gel are capable of cleansing, having antiseptic properties. These act powerfully as anti-microbials against bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts.
  • Our Glycerin is separated out from the Soybean oil just after its crushing. Then those molecules of Glycerin are transformed into our Slick Soap and Cordial products.
  • Glycerin is clear, colorless, syrupy liquid, used as a humectant and as a solvent for drugs; it is a trihydric sugar alcohol, being the alcoholic component of triglycerides, called also glycerol.
  • We use the I-H2O concept to lower the viscosity and enhance the inherent properties of our natural ingredients just before packaging our finished products.

* Hearty, invigorating, anything that exhilarates

i-H2O Activated

  • Forces In Nature LLC, creator of our amazing line of cleansing products, announces the inclusion of an extraordinary activation process optimizing the effectiveness of our all natural environmentally friendly Slick Soap and Cordial cleansing products.
  • The unique, patented water activation technology developed by GIA Wellness reorganizes water’s clustered mass into a linear structure referred to as i-H2O™. This restructuring process has the result of very significantly lowering the liquid viscosity, literally creating a super-liquid ‘delivery river’ of our Aloe Vera Cordials and Glycerin Slick Soap. This activation also enhances its bacterial, anti-fungal and germicidal properties while allowing for the optimal absorption and viability of our ingredients into the skin. More…
  • Forces In Nature LLC is also a distributor for GIA Wellness products. Therefore GIA Wellness’s hydrating i-H2O activation systems, as well as all of their exciting electromagnetic emission dampening products are available for you.
  • Slick Soap is the exclusive concept and property of Forces In Nature, LLC.

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