Tips From The Edge

This phrase seems to sum up my experiences through this life, starting back in the mid nineteen sixties when one might say I nearly stopped vibrating. From that time on I have explored and embraced “Tips from the Edge.” I am pleased to be sharing them.

How one’s body is in harmony with itself and the environment is a barometer for its ability to sustain wellness.

Wellness, a desired state of being.” What an interesting thought.  In fact my last 46 years have centered on regaining, sustaining and ingraining this state into every cell of my body. This is the journey I wish to share, so one might better understand that attuning our bodies and environment is a major tool in attaining a state of wellness.

You see, throughout these years I have tended to lapse into states of dis-ease, from physical paralysis to cancer. Through it all, or maybe because of it all, I have been fortunate to realize a great underlying principle. This truth is centered on the understanding that what we perceive as our reality is quite different from what it actually is!

“All things are in vibration.” This undisputable fact encompasses a volume of unperceived realities, the least of which is our planet’s constant rotations and hurling at tremendous speed through space. So much of what goes on is, as they say, “beyond the veil”, and so we relegate these phenomenal actions to a subliminal unawareness.

As you venture through our links, the importance of awareness and attuning hopefully will come clear. I am by nature and practice what I call a vibrational artisan. This activity focuses on how a particular substance vibrates. My ultimate goal with these endeavors or challenges is the soliciting of maximum efficiency through the chosen item in question. Most often many factors with uncommon connections are employed.

Sound (music) has been one of my greatest mediums on these adventures. With this understood, I created, built and play a musical instrument which I named the “Voice of Reason”. This instrument has the ability, among its other unique applications, to present the player with the opportunity to virtually surf on the sound (sine) waves as they leave the instrument. Ultimately this instrument turned out also to be a major prosthetic device which brought my right arm back from total paralysis.

You may wish to use this link to view the treatise I have written on the Voice of Reason in order to further see how this one of a kind musical instrument, patterned after the ancient African Mbira, assisted me on this amazing adventure into wellness.

In 1986 I conceived and administered a 10 day festival in Maine entitled “How Peoples of the World Celebrate Wellness.”  I have provided a link, so you may listen to a 7 minute excerpt from my live concert as we closed out that festival with the Voice of Reason.

My latest creation is the Forces In Nature line of cleansing products. These items focus on skin health and are achieving very beneficial results. This has been accomplished by establishing synergetic compounds using the best of natural ingredients, increasing their ability to be absorbed and maximizing these substances’ innate beneficial properties.

Stay Well, Ryphon



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